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Andrea Dworkin News

Postby oneangrygirl » Sat Apr 15, 2006 11:35 am

Got this from Nikki Craft.

News about Andrea Dworkin's Memorial Website from Nikki and Beth:

Hi Everyone.

Sorry if this is a duplicate mailing to any of you. I'm mailing this out to multiple
mailing lists to make sure I don't miss anyone. Please don't confuse Andrea's
mailing list with my other lists: "Hustling the List" or the "No Status Quo Updates

If you don't specifically subscribe to this "Andrea Dworkin Memorial List", you may
receive a few of the most important releases, but mostly you will _not_ receive
ongoing updates about Andrea. So if your priority is Andrea it's important for you
to subscribe to this list.

Additionally I wanted to let you know that over the next week I will be updating the
Memorial site, including two recent interviews with significant people in Andrea's
life. Also to let you know that I am starting "Andrea Dworkin's Memorial List." It
will include emailings about Andrea, including relevant articles, reviews, and
announcements of new books and articles written about her. If you would like to
subscribe to this list, please double-click the URL below to verify your
subscription: ... uZ2iMsMAog

If you do not wish to subscribe, don't click the URL, and you will receive no future

I hope to hear from you so we can all keep in touch.

Love, Nikki Craft
April 7, 2006

The following letter is being forwarded from Beth Ribet:


April 9th, 2006, the first anniversary of Andrea Dworkin's death, is a few days
away. I recently completed interviews with Andrea's partner, John Stoltenberg, and
her aunt, Marcia Cohn Spiegel, to be posted on her memorial website on April 9th.
More interviews with her friends, family, and colleagues are planned for the future,
and will be posted during 2006 and 2007. I am writing to invite you to visit the
site, at: on April 9th, and in the future.

Since the memorial opened on April 12, 2005, many survivors of violence, activists,
advocates, and feminists have accessed the memorial message board to write about
grief, to express gratitude for Andrea's work, and to find connection with other
people who valued her life and her writing. The message board is still open, and now
contains more than 300 tributes and "favorite quotes". Many of those who did not
know Andrea personally may be seeking community with others who were touched by her
work. New messages in recognition of the first year anniversary of Andrea's death
are very welcome.

I am also writing to invite donations to support the memorial website. The memorial,
and the Andrea Dworkin online library, are both sustained by Andrea's close friend,
Nikki Craft. Those who are familiar with Andrea's writing may recall that she
dedicated her last collection of essays, _Life and Death_, to Nikki. She did so in
recognition of Nikki's years of activist work, including many arrests for
non-violent civil disobedience in protest of misogynist imagery and violence.
Nikki's countless hours of work on the memorial and on the Andrea Dworkin Online
Library have been almost entirely volunteer time.

Throughout her activist life, Nikki has frequently channeled her energy and
resources into her political work, often at cost to her health and finances. She is
now scheduled for an emergency operation on April 11th, without health insurance
coverage. Nikki will continue to build the memorial before her operation, and
afterwards, as she recovers.

Donations to the memorial project can be made by clicking the "Make a Donation" link
from the memorial page, or by clicking here:

Unless an anonymous donation is requested, donors will be listed as "Financial
Contributors" in the Andrea Dworkin memorial. Donations to support both the website
costs, and Nikki's labor and time on the memorial, are deeply appreciated.

In struggle and grief,
Beth Ribet
I guess some slavery feels like freedom.
-Wembley Fraggle
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Postby oneangrygirl » Sat Sep 02, 2006 12:27 pm

new from Nikki:

Why Men Like Pornography & Prostitution So Much
Keynote Speech at International Trafficking Conference, 1989
(Audio File: 22 min, 128 Kbps, mp3) ... 9_P1_M.mp3

Lots of new files added to Andrea's Audio Library! Check it out if you haven't lately.
I guess some slavery feels like freedom.
-Wembley Fraggle
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Postby oneangrygirl » Sun Jul 01, 2007 9:31 am

and she now has an additional anti-Hustler blog:
I guess some slavery feels like freedom.
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Postby MaggieH » Thu Aug 23, 2007 12:41 am

I visited them all. They're great. I'm a real fan of Andrea and Nikki.
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-- Adrienne Rich, in Compulsory Heterosexuality and Lesbian Existence:

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