"Things You Didn't Know About Porn" on You Tube

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"Things You Didn't Know About Porn" on You Tube

Postby sam » Thu Jun 24, 2010 3:25 pm

I got this email from Wendy Maltz and thought people might find it useful.


Hi All,

Here is info on a well-done, new educational video series about pornography for heterosexual teen boys.

Brain science researcher and journalist Marnia Robinson has created a three-part You Tube series entitled "Things You Didn't Know About Porn." The series is straightforward, engaging, and non-shaming. It treats today's industry-driven, on-demand porn as a product, similar to junk food, which, while appealing and easy to get, can create serious health problems for consumers.

While "Things You Didn't Know About Porn" is aimed at educating adolescent boys and their parents, adult men in recovery from sexual compulsions and addictions are also sharing that it is a helpful resource in their healing.

"Things You Didn't Know About Porn" is available for free at:

http://www.youtube.com/user/BodyWisdomV ... JLRTL7w5qA

All Best,

Wendy Maltz LCSW DST
Maltz Counseling Associates
1234 Pearl Street, Suite 4
Eugene, Oregon 97401
"Your orgasm can no longer dictate my oppression"

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