Why men purchase sex - London study

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Why men purchase sex - London study

Postby delphyne » Wed Jan 27, 2010 10:27 am

From Eaves:

http://www.eaves4women.co.uk/Documents/ ... %20Sex.pdf

Study by Julie Bindel, Melissa Farley and Jacqueline M. Goldman.

I haven't read it yet - just putting it here for reference. It will probably send that Ronald Weitzer character into a spin.
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Re: Why men purchase sex - London study

Postby beigesilkworm » Sun Nov 14, 2010 4:27 pm

I read this study in OBJECT site and the conclusion is very interesting and need to be well-discussed: the own men who conusme the women in the sex trade suggested that more hard punishment is necessary.The jonhs must be considered sex-offenders,only education is not resolving the problem.Highly recommended :D !
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