pro-prostitution advocate Jes Richardson ran escort agency

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pro-prostitution advocate Jes Richardson ran escort agency

Postby sam » Tue Mar 04, 2014 8:50 pm

Jes Richardson advocates for legal prostitution and admits to running an escort agency after escaping from prostitution herself. In the comment section, she compares exploiting women through prostitution to managing a restaurant. ... interview/

As for me being a madam, I’m not sure that I would use that term to label myself. For clarification, when I was trafficked I did many bad things as a Bottom Bitch. I was forced because my life was in danger. When I ran from my trafficker, it was a sex worker who helped me escape. Her and I were both in a bind and we solved each others problems when we came together, building a large escort service. Because of my experiences being trafficked, we never hired anyone who was being trafficked or exploited, we only hired other sex workers. Running an escort service was a business for us. Our rates and fees were industry standard with the girls making the larger cut and tips in addition to the fees. All businesses operate in this manner. When a restaurant serves patrons, the servers make their wages plus tips and the restaurant makes a profit. If the restaurant didn’t take a cut of the profits it would cease to exist, because it takes money to make money.
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