Milly Dowler's dad had fetish porn, hood & ball gag, escorts

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Milly Dowler's dad had fetish porn, hood & ball gag, escorts

Postby sam » Mon May 16, 2011 2:27 pm

Milly Dowler's father tells court he was early murder suspect

Extreme fetish pornography in family attic led to questions from police and were 'complete betrayal of fatherhood'

The father of murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler yesterday admitted he was a suspect in her disappearance after police found "extreme fetishist latex and bondage pornography" at the family home.

In an emotional testimony before an Old Bailey jury, Robert Dowler, 59, agreed that he feared his daughter might have run away, distressed at discovering a magazine he had secreted in the marital bedroom.

He had told police at the time that his actions were "a complete betrayal of fatherhood" but had denied any involvement in the 13-year-old's disappearance.

Dowler was giving evidence in the trial of Levi Bellfield, 43, accused of the murder and kidnap of Milly, who vanished just yards from his flat as she walked home from school in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, nine years ago.

Her unclothed and decomposed body was found six months later in Yateley Heath Wood, 25 miles away in Hampshire.

Her father broke down as notes and poems – full of teenage self-loathing and found in Milly's bedroom – were read out in court by Jeffrey Samuels QC, counsel for Bellfield. In one poem she wrote of being "pathetic and helpless," of being "just totally shit", questioning what it was that made people "hate me?" and that she should "just go".

"Sometimes I think how life would be without me for mum and dad, to have a beautiful little girl who is like Gemma [Milly's sister]. She would be everything I am not, everything I dream to be – pretty, smart, intelligent, wanted, loved," she wrote.

In another letter, found at the same time and addressed "Dear daddy and my beautiful mummy", she wrote "by the time you find this letter I will be gone up there, or down below you. I have always been that way, below other people."

Her parents "deserved a better daughter", they should have "had an abortion or got me adopted", the letter read. "So I have left". They should "try to forget me" and look after her sister. It was signed; "I am sorry but goodbye. Lots of love, as always, your little disappointment. Amanda".

The court was told there was nothing to indicate when the letters were written.

Overwhelmed with emotion, Dowler stood in the witness box in tears. "I'm sorry," said Samuels, as Dowler struggled to recover composure. "The notes on that piece of paper are very sad," Dowler said, his voice barely audible.

Another note praised her friend Jess, for helping her "through the whole dad thing". Samuels asked what that might mean. Dowler replied Milly had discovered the pornographic magazine hidden in his bedroom drawer, and confided in her mother about it.

The court heard as police prepared to search the family home, he was forced to tell them about other material, including pornographic videos in the lounge, and equipment including a rubber hood and ball gag, in the loft. Also hidden in the loft were specialist contact magazines advertising details of sexual services, "annotated in a way" which indicated Dowler had used such services, the jury was told.

Police had told him he was a suspect "whether he liked it or not". "I was very concerned because I knew if they focused on me, they needed to be focused on someone else," he said.

The jury was told that while being questioned by police, he was asked: "Are you in any way responsible for Milly's disappearance?" His response, read to the court, was: "The only way I can be responsible is if she had seen some of this material and decided to run away."

Asked if his wife was aware of the material, he said "no". And asked what her reaction was, he replied: "Distressed is hardly the right word". He said he thought it "unlikely" Milly had seen any of the material other than the magazine she told her mother about.

He admitted to the court he had initially omitted details of his movements on the afternoon Milly was last seen alive, which necessitated him later going to police to give a second statement.

Milly's mother, Sally, 51, told the jury her daughter had discovered the magazine "some weeks, perhaps a couple of months" before she disappeared, and she had not noticed "any discernible difference" in the way she was with her father.

"I said to her 'it doesn't mean daddy doesn't love me'," said her mother. "I'm sorry that she had found it".

Bellfield, a former club doorman and wheelclamper, denies the murder and kidnap of Milly on March 21, 2002, and the attempted abduction of schoolgirl Rachel Cowles, then 11, the previous day.
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Re: Milly Dowler's dad had fetish porn, hood & ball gag, escorts

Postby MGO » Tue May 17, 2011 4:05 am

Here is a picture of him: ... 68x325.jpg

he had initially omitted details of his movements on the afternoon Milly was last seen alive
I gather the details omitted was him indulging in his bdsm fetish, most likely with an escort. A 'comforting' thought that as he was getting his bdsm orgasm, his daughter was being murdered.
Mrs Dowler needs to divorce that creep.
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