Feministing says, "Rebecca, stop raping and killing yrself!"

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Re: Feministing says, "Rebecca, stop raping and killing yrself!"

Postby MGO » Sun Mar 13, 2011 8:02 pm

I hail from a generation that takes for granted its ability to access all kinds of porn online, for free; that grew up thinking Playboy was first and foremost a girls’ clothing brand;
Look! That right there is why she is a dipstick (and writes the most boring and confused article, I really could not read it all). But, she is so very proud of the age she grew up in, as if it was the bestest in the world. What were the pre-porn days, the dark ages?? Can she not conceive that those who have been around a bit longer, not brought up in a porn-soaked world might actually know stuff
as well as feminism’s protective umbrella
Well, far better than being under the trans umbrella, like the F-Word is.
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Re: Feministing says, "Rebecca, stop raping and killing yrself!"

Postby thebewilderness » Sun Mar 13, 2011 8:42 pm

Either this is a very young and painfully ignorant person or a man posing as a little girl.
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Re: Feministing says, "Rebecca, stop raping and killing yrself!"

Postby sam » Wed Mar 16, 2011 6:38 am

From article author Jennifer Krase:
I think this is an example of how anti-porn feminists- the anti-porn folk who profess to care *about the women* rather than about the consumers- need to pay a little more attention to where and how their message is getting absorbed and transmitted. Because their silence - on blogs, in the press- around boosting the signal and campaigning or verbalising support of campaigning- looks like uncaring or worse complicity.

What nonsensical mudslingery.

Laura Agustin put the term "rescue industry" in the title of her book explicitly to warn the world about busybody do-gooder feminists who want to help prostituted women with their patronizing, de-agentifying rescues. So NOW (and just this once for this one woman) the pro-prostitutioners want to see some prostituted woman rescued by us nasty capitalist profiteers in the rescue industry?

When people excuse violence against prostitutes, even children, they most often do it with some version of "They are being held accountable because they made bad choices." Debbie Nathan characterized several teen girls being pimped with quotes from a policeman saying the girls lied about being raped because they were too ashamed to admit they really wanted to be prostitutes:

from "The Arizona 'Teen Sex Slave' Scams" by Debbie Nathan
Said Tom Haselton, investigating sergeant for the case in Union City, "I can understand the family might be embarrassed and want to tell a different story. But by the time we were done talking with [Miya] we determined that what she did was consensual. There was no force used on her and she had plenty of opportunities to leave."...The man she'd been with was charged because the female member of the couple was 16 -- underage. Creepy, exploitative and illegal, but she wasn't coerced either. "She seemed to be in love with the pimp," says Haselton. "It's an age-old story."

The arguments put forth by pro-industry advocates about choice are similar to the ones defense attorneys use to keep pimps and other rapists out of jail. Theirs is just an updated version of the ancient "She wanted it" rape excuse now with the new liberalizing, legalizing verb, "She chose it".

Ms. Krase should take a look at the actual legal records showing how courtrooms blame prostituted children and women for their own rapes before concluding the legal system gets more use out of anti-pornstitution feminist arguments than the billion-dollar prostitution industry's sexwork-is-a-choice excuses.
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