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There was a university of Pennsylvania student who was gang raped in 1990 after college men watched porn videos in their dorms.And I still have a 1985 letter written into Mademoiselle Magazine by a woman who wrote in response to Peter Nelson's His Column,Why Nice Guys Like Playboy,she wrote from Allendale New Jersey,"I just finished reading Peter Nelson's His Colum.Peter Nelson is certainly no nice guy,nor is any participant in pornography, a trade which profits from the exploitation of women.Why I must ask does a so-called "woman' magazine" feature editorials which support misogyny? Mr.Nelson's callous disregard for women is evident in his neglect to face the fact that pornography promotes rape and violence.I know,because my best friend was raped by four men who used pornography as a reference guide.If a magazine such as Mademoiselle can ignore the truth about pornography and actually trivialize it's seriousness,I can only question it's editorial purpose."

In the report I posted in the articles section on here,Just Harmless Fun? Understanding The Impact Of Pornography( but this part was too long to post,so I really hope the members will click on the link and read the whole report,)it says that Dr.Gene Abel found that more than 50% of sex offenders used pornography,and that the offenders who used it were less able to control their behavior than those who did not.It also reports that Psychiatrist William Marshall found that in a study of outpatient sex offenders treated over a six year period one third reported they had used pornography immediately before at least one of their crimes.Rhea Becker from the sadly former Women's Alliance Against Pornography Education Project in Cambridge,sent me a lot of research on the harms of pornography back in December 1990.

One of the things she sent me included information that North Carolina State Representavie Richard Wright-Democrat,while announcing an enactment of anti-pornography legislation he sponsored,cited a N.C. State Police study which found:defendants in 75% of the violent sex crimes in the state"had some kind of hard-core pornographic material" in their homes or vechicles."I'm talking about S&M (sadistic & masochistic) material,bondage he said,that came from The New York Times 1/26/86 & 10/13/85;The Virginian Pilot 10/20/85 and the articles were contributed by Alexandra Bassil,Ray Lynn Oliver;Barbara Sparrow.

Also included,was information about interviews with 50 Boston women who had been victims of marital rape,nearly 10% of their husbands were obssed with pornography;wanted their wives to help them make it.Many could only get aroused by staging a rape.''There was a sense that many of these men needed violence or strugle in order to have sex.They found the humiliation very stimulating.The women felt as though they were being used as masturbatory objects.There was a definite sadistic component to some."Approximately 45% of the rapes were categorized as "Battering rapes"- Address to the NY County Lawyer's David Finkelhor,Ph.D Associate Director-Family Violence Research Program,University of New Hampshire

The information also included a study conducted by the Michigan State Police in which 38,000 sexual assaults from 1956 to 1979 were analyzed found that in at least 41% of those crimes,pornography was used or imitated just prior to or during the act this came from Ladies Home Journal October 1985.The information Rhea sent me also included that a study of 36 convicted sexually oriented murderers/serial killers,found the single most common trait amongst them was 81% listed their primary sexual interest as pornography,71% voyeurism.The study's objective,conducted by the FBI's behavioral science unit in Quantico,Virginia,was to develop a psychological profile on sex killers in order to track them faster.The researchers concluded,after interviews with the 36 who collectively provided information on 1,188 murders,that the killers were characteristically immeresed in fantasy,this came from NY Daily News 6/26/85 and This World 7/14/85.

Feminist psychologist Phyllis Chesler says in her book,Patriarchy:Notes Of An Expert Witness that serial killers are obessed with pornography and woman hatred and sexually use their victime both before and after killing them,and she said most wife beaters,pedaphiles,rapists and serial killers of women are addicted to pornography.Nobody would need to do studies to prove that racist and anti-semetic pornography is very harmful to Blacks and Jews and it would never have been made so mainstreamed and acceptable! Nor would *anyone* especially blacks and Jews say it's "empowering and "liberating for the Blacks and the Jews!
If there was a 12 billion $ industry portraying blacks,and Jews to Whites and German and Christians as just sex objects to use for them,calling them hateful names,nobody would say it's liberating for them! Nor would it be so acceptable and mainstreamed!
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