An Extremely Woman-Hating Site With Hardcore Porn

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An Extremely Woman-Hating Site With Hardcore Porn

Postby fullhumanity » Fri May 28, 2010 6:45 pm

I know I can't post it directly on here because it would definitely upset members on here,but please some of you who can handle seeing this,go to an extremely woman-hating site called, Encyclopedia Dramatica on the topic called,Wimmins. It says a wimmin(plural wimmins,alternatively spelled woman/women) is the useless mass of flesh that surrounds the lukewarm hole in their crotch.It then says that women were created by God for the enjoyment of men at least 5000 years ago,the at least 5,000 years ago is highlighted.It then says,as porn and movies have reminded us,their sole purpose in life,is to cook,clean,f*ck,and swallow cum,the word cum is highlighted also. :angryfire: :angryfire:

It then says the only topic of interest about a woman is whether she spits or swallows.It then says that it is also wise to remember to jizz her in her hair and punch her in the face coz wimminz just looove when a guy does that.It goes on later say though debated otherwise by some feminists,and the word feminists is also highlighted,it says in bold italics,Women Are *NOT* people. It then says in addition to being far less intelligent than men,and the far less intelligent than men is highlighted to take you to more woman-hating sh*t,it says they are also incapable of making decisions as well as men due to having their period f*ck up the last bit of brain activity with hormonal imbalance all of the time.
:( :angryfire:

It then says to see actual proof of this, visit the antithesis to this page-men,and the word men is highlighted.Being genetically inferior and incapable of taking responsibility for their actions(have you noticed that nothing is ever their fault?)they are to be accompanied by a male at all times.It says the man is smarter,stronger,richer,and more successful in everything and this is highlighted also. :angryfire: :angryfire:

It has a heading A Real Man's Guide To The Inferior Species Communicating With A Woman and then they say to avoid wasting time making pointless attempts to have logical,intellectually satisfying verbal communication with women,three basic communication techniques depicted are enough:They show three moving clips from videos,the first one is a man chasing a woman and kicking and hitting her in the street,the second one is of a man slapping a topless woman in the face repeatedly,the third moving picture is from a hardcore porn video which they describe as mouth rape and it's of a man violently pulling a woman's hair and face and raping her in her mouth! :angryfire: :angryfire:

They also say women deny pleasures they have to offer which is women's 3 holes and says for this reason they are a leading cause of homosexuality and the word hole number 1,2 and 3 are highlighted and it takes you to different links on this same site and has hardcore pictures of men penetrating women's different 3 holes,her mouth,vagina and Sh*thole.They have hatred of women's vaginas and genitals on a section called Vagoo which the highlighted hole # 1 takes you to. :angryfire: :angryfire:

It goes on to say a whole lot of other horrible woman-hating things and it says to c*nt and Bitch slap women, and has links to women's vaginas and genitals on this same site which is also hated and put down.It also has a link to a definition of misogyny on this same site and it has a picture of a woman with tight ropes around her bare breasts and a gag in her mouth and it says under it,take time each day to use and abuse your woman ,and other woman hating pictures and words,and this should really be shown to the sick pro-pornography people,under a big word WOMEN it says Are Totally Worthless God created women to cook,clean,and f*ck and it is a big close up picture of a woman with a penis in each hand smiling,and a man shown graphically f*cking her. :angryfire: :angryfire:

It also has the June 1978 cover of Hustler with a woman head first ground up inside a meat grinder with her legs sticking out and eaw hambuger coming out on a plate below her,with Larry Flynt's quote on the cover,saying We will no longer hang up women like pieces of meat and under this cover this site says,women are USDA prime when made into ground meat.They also have the moving video they have on the Wimmin section of a man repeatedly slapping a topless woman in the face and they also have a picture of a young unsuspecting woman sitting on a couch with a man standing behind her holding some kind of weapon,and they wrote under this,When all else fails nail the b*tch!They also have a video from YouTube they call Vagina Punch of a man hitting a woman in the vagina,and they have a picture of the great feminist leader Gloria Steinem from the 1980's sitting in her office with the words under her,Blame it on the iconic b*tch of feminism.
:angryfire: :angryfire:

They also say your girlfriend is the enemy,and your mother,yes even she is the enemy and they give advice on how men can become a misogynist themselves,one of the things on the long list is to smack your b*tch up,rape a female stranger once in a while,enter a lesbian nightclub with a hypordemermic needle full of AIDS and inject away,refer to women as b*tches or p*ssies,likening women to animals makes them hate you less and want to f*ck you more,hire a hooker take her back to yours,make a snuff movie and then sell it to azn businessmen and they say Capatilism is the sh*t. :angryfire: :angryfire:

They also use religion and the made up sexist woman-hating Adam and Eve myth as justifications for hating women! :angryfire: :angryfire: Isn't really something and crazy that it's really totally always been the other way around,that men have always done all of the horrible evil injustices in the world to women and children! But it figures that crazy men would always twist everything around! :angryfire: :angryfire:
If there was a 12 billion $ industry portraying blacks,and Jews to Whites and German and Christians as just sex objects to use for them,calling them hateful names,nobody would say it's liberating for them! Nor would it be so acceptable and mainstreamed!
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