Kristen Stewart, TMZ, and letting johns walk away

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Kristen Stewart, TMZ, and letting johns walk away

Postby sam » Fri Feb 05, 2010 1:33 pm

For those who don't know, Stewart is the lead actress in the Twilight movies and TMZ is a professional celebrity stalking enterprise. My sister has dressed as a prostitute to catch johns, and interviews with women police officers report that it's quite an unnerving experience.

http://www.tmz .com/2010/02/05/kristen-stewart-jury-duty-sex-sting-los-angeles-court/

Kristen Stewart's civic duty involved sex, prostitutes and an undercover cop -- and the guy on trial even got a happy ending.

TMZ has learned Stewart was a member of an L.A. jury this week in a 3-day case involving a man accused of trying to pay an undercover cop for some temporary lovin'.

The defense argued that their client was innocent because he doesn't speak English very well and the whole sex solicitation thing was just a case of lost in translation.

In the end, the "Twilight" star -- along with her peers -- agreed with the defense and found the man not guilty.

After the trial, we're told Stewart was so proud of her contribution to society that she asked if she could keep her juror badge ... and they let her.
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