Women’s Lives Need a Trigger Warning

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Women’s Lives Need a Trigger Warning

Postby sam » Fri Oct 15, 2010 9:31 am

Eve's Daughter has taken my favorite part of Dworkin's "I Want a 24 Hours Truce During Which there is No Rape" speech and expanded it to a stunning 2.4 minute reminder that women are not as helpless as men think, we're just better people.

Women’s Lives Need a Trigger Warning

Posted on October 7, 2010 by Eve's Daughter


Today is one of Those Days – an angry day.

As if walking down the street, or being alone in an elevator with a man, or seeing Cosmo in the checkout line of the supermarket, or looking at the clothes marketed to women in stores wasn’t enough to remind me that I’m supposed to be a delicious little cookie waiting to be gobbled up by the Big Bad Wolf. No, I go to work (or read the newspaper) and get to read this shit over and over and over and over again.

“The victim… The victims… The young woman… Two thirteen year old girls… The respondent’s wife… The defendant’s daughter… Jane Doe…”

“…was held down and forcibly penetrated with several foreign objects, beaten, whipped, and electrocuted…was raped at gunpoint by six men…was attacked with acid and later placed into the local jail, where she was repeatedly raped by guards…was found strangled to death, the defendant’s semen in her vagina and on other locations on her body…was repeatedly raped in the back of the van by the other gang members while the defendant drove them to a remote location…”

“…she later testified…she later died…she was later diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder…she required multiple surgeries…she miscarried…she later committed suicide….”

Dear men:


No, seriously. This is a rant, and it’s about you, personally. You, personally, are a shit, because statistics indicate there is an almost 100% certainty that you have either committed a rape, or wanted to commit a rape, or knowingly assisted or defended someone who committed a rape, or mocked a woman who was raped. And no, I’m not dropping links to tell you what you should damn well already know.

Here is what you know: that you are a vile and depraved chunk of flesh that doesn’t matter to the world. You exist in a reality you perpetuate in which value is all relative, in which everything is placed into a hierarchy, which in the end means that nothing has inherent value. You are literally worthless.

And you are willing to do it so long as someone is worth less. So part of the way you deal with that is to try to make women worth less. You whine and whinge and cry about the Big Brother Corporations or Big Brother Government or Big Brother China-taking-all-our-jobs or Big Brother asshole-who-beat-you-up-in-seventh-grade or Big Brother who-raped-you, but in the end you lap it up and pass the buck so that you can have someone underneath your own thumb. You only care about your rank in the pecking order, so spare me the crocodile tears.

I used to pity you. I used to feel sorry for you. I used to think most of you got a bad rap and were probably misunderstood.

But women are raped every day and we don’t go on murdering sprees. We don’t hunt men down and torture them to death. Little girls aren’t known for picking the wings off flies or frying ants to death on the sidewalk. Women in war zones are raped en masse and then cry for peace, and I’m expected to swallow your sob story about having a troubled childhood because you never knew your father and that’s why you and your friends drugged and gang-raped a sixteen year old girl.

On a daily basis you, individually and in concert with other men, actively attempt to destroy the lives of a class of people who have, for the most part, never done anything to you. Who have been enslaved and raped and brutalized and forced to raise children you claim or starve or beat or sell, and have for the most part still managed to find it in their hearts to love. Who rarely hurt you back. Who almost never rape or murder you. Who usually only harm you or their children when suffering from deep trauma-related psychoses. We suffer, daily, and you laugh at us, and tell us it’s our fault.

Then you tell us you can’t help it. It’s your nature. It’s how you love. It’s how you desire. It’s how you prove yourselves.

All of which leads me to believe that either you’re deluding yourselves about the reality of your choices OR that you really and truly are fundamentally flawed beings. It’s amazing how many of your academic fields and governance – from evolutionary biology, to psychology, to criminal law – are constantly trying to convince me of the latter. Females are human beings, but I’m not sure what you are.

If the world was the tiniest bit just, or fair, or merciful, or righteous, I would be out there with a knife or a gun hunting you down. I would offer you blowjobs for forty dollars behind the building and then dispatch you quickly in quiet solitude. I would be kinder than you, because I would only go after adults. I would be kinder than you, because I would do it quickly and not torture you first. I would be kinder than you, because I wouldn’t call you names or demean you or psychologically terrorize you while I was doing it. You would be released from the psychotic prison of your mind, and there would be one less man out there threatening my mother, my sisters, my daughters, and my self.

You wouldn’t know who I was. I smile at you in that elevator. I dress inconspicuously. I call you “sir” if you’re older. I’m the one who serves you coffee at the drive-thru window, and you crack jokes to try to get me to smile. I’m the one who cleans your office, who you greet by first name and a smile with that little half-wave. I’m the one who tells you to turn your head to the side and cough. I could poison you, I could go through your desk drawer and destroy your finances, I could kill you on the operating table. I could do things to you. You don’t know. I’m your next door neighbor, your secretary, your sister, your wife. I’m the “loud” “fat” woman in your office you dismiss out of hand. I’m the young Asiann girl from downstairs you eroticize because of my presumed submissiveness.

It’s ironic, really – you try to subvert, and corrupt, and infect, and distort, and mangle, and destroy our lives because you aren’t even sure you have one. It’s obvious that you don’t deserve one.

You aren’t scared of me, but maybe you should be. Because I know what you are. And I know how this will end.

You think this sounds violent? Don’t even start; I know what you look at when you masturbate.
"Your orgasm can no longer dictate my oppression"

Trisha Baptie
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Re: Women’s Lives Need a Trigger Warning

Postby sam » Fri Oct 15, 2010 10:01 am

Asiann is not a typo.

The forum host wouldn't let me post the essay because of a forbidden word. I went back and put @ for the 'a' in gang-rape and masturbate, but it still wouldn't post.

One chunk at a time, I sifted through and found the blocked word.


Signs at my gym stating, "No recording devices" started my list of Things Men Ruin For Everyone. Then I discovered June Stephenson's book "Men Are Not Cost Effective - Male Crime in America", which caused the list to bulge and hemorrhage into the Willamette River, killing all marine life upstream.

(partial review by Julie, through Shannon)

For every 20 criminals in our society, 19 are men while only one is a woman.

Dr. Stephenson, who has a Ph.D. in psychology, marshals the evidence that shows how criminally destructive men can get. Of course, most men are not criminals, but crime costs some $300 billion per year, while women are far more likely to be victims of crime than perpetrators.

"Many women pay for male crime with their lives," she writes, "but all women taxpayers pay for male crime with their tax dollars." Her proposal is that there be a substantial income tax deduction for being female; in this way women would not have to foot the tax bill for male crime. Such a policy would certainly be more fair than the present system, and just proposing gender tax equity would serve to educate men about the fundamentally male character of the crime problem.

Dr. Stephenson's proposal is that we help boys to develop their feminine side: "We're talking here about helping boys value and develop the feminine side of their personalities." Since girls seldom grow up to engage in the destructive behavior that so many boys do, teaching boys to act like girls should cut down on the amount of crime.

Of course there will be resistance to such a proposal. As long as our society continues to view women as inferior to men, any effort to teach boys to be feminine will be condemned as degrading boys to the level of girls. Such efforts will be criticized as making "sissies" out of the boys. But here Dr. Stephenson asks: "aren't 'sissies' better than murderers?"

The fact is that many parents tolerate a great deal in the way of potentially antisocial character traits in their sons because they believe that girls are inferior to boys and that therefore it is better to run the risk of the boys growing up to be criminals than to give them lessons in femininity. The results of these parents' attitudes are reflected in the shocking crime statistics in Dr. Stephenson's book.
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Re: Women’s Lives Need a Trigger Warning

Postby berryblade » Sat Oct 16, 2010 1:45 am

thanks for sharing sam. i love eve's daughter's blog.
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Re: Women’s Lives Need a Trigger Warning

Postby AmazonLaur » Sun Oct 17, 2010 5:57 pm

wow, I'm so glad you reposted this, sam. It made tonight so much better! :mrgreen:
"I believe that the destruction of the prostituted class is the most important human rights of our times, and to be frank, it is the most important issue of stripping of human rights of most periods in history. It is made invisible because it mainly done to women and girls – and in most cultures, most periods of history and most countries, women and girls are not classed as fully human, and therefore have no access to human rights." --Rebecca Mott "This is an Emergency"
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Re: Women’s Lives Need a Trigger Warning

Postby sam » Sat Nov 26, 2011 10:24 am

http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree ... ryone-risk

The culture of masculinity costs all too much to ignore

If men committed as little crime as women it would pay for the deficit. They can change: testosterone need not mean violence

Cynthia Cockburn and Ann Oakley
The Guardian, Thursday 24 November 2011

Today is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. The phrase "violence against women" calls for comment. It names the victims but not the perpetrators. The fact that men are mainly responsible for violent and health-harming behaviours, not only against women and children but also against each other, is so taken for granted that it slips beneath the radar of commentators and policymakers.

Take the riots of August this year. As the suspects were charged, considerable detail was published by the Ministry of Justice. The press focused on the age, ethnicity, neighbourhood and employment status of offenders. Yet by far the most dramatic divergence the statistics revealed was gender: 92% of the first 466 defendants were male. Something yet more significant went unremarked: of the 124 individuals charged with offences involving violence, all were male.

When information on a further 1,715 people charged with rioting offences was issued by the MoJ a month later, the focus was on the fact that 73% of the defendants had a previous caution or conviction. Few noted that the MoJ had chosen to focus only on male rioters; females were absent from these "average" recidivists. What we saw was a palpable concern with the youth, class and race of rioters but a lack of analysis of the key fact the statistics illustrate: the culpability, and cost, of masculinity. As so often, masculine antisocial behaviour was just the wallpaper.

In 1959 the social scientist and policy activist Barbara Wootton looked at the crime statistics and remarked that "if men behaved like women, the courts would be idle and the prisons empty". Half a century later the British Crime Survey and police crime figures bear her out. In 2009-10, men were perpetrators in 91% of all violent incidents in England and Wales. The figures vary by type of incident: 81% for domestic violence, 86% for assault, 94% for wounding, 96% for mugging, 98% for robbery. MoJ figures for 2009 show men to be responsible for 98%, 92% and 89% of sexual offences, drug offences and criminal damage respectively. Of child sex offenders, 99% are male. The highest percentages of female offences concern fraud and forgery (30%), and theft and handling stolen goods (21% female).

The MoJ publishes an annual report, Women and the Criminal Justice System, whose purpose is to fulfil the "equality" provision in the 1991 Criminal Justice Act. But looking at statistics on women conceals the obvious: a comparable report on men and the criminal justice system would be policy dynamite.

On the road, men commit 87% of all traffic offences and 81% of speeding offences. More people are killed and injured in road accidents than anywhere else, and Home Office data reveal the bearing of masculinity here too: men are responsible for 97% of dangerous driving offences and 94% of motoring offences causing death or bodily harm. A World Health Organisation report in 2002 on gender and road traffic injuries cautiously broke the code of silence by remarking that masculinity "may be" hazardous to health.

Some of the costs of masculinity are paid individually. Boys are "permanently excluded" from school at a rate four times higher than for girls and attain fewer GCSE and A-levels than girls. But what of the overall costs to society?

Take prison costs alone – an estimated £45,000 per prisoner a year, 95% of whom are male. If men committed crimes leading to custodial sentences at the rate women do, the exchequer would save about £3.4bn a year.

Zoom out to the overall cost of crime, calculated by the Home Office at £78bn a year in 2009, including not only criminal justice system costs but lost productivity, service costs, and impact on victims. If men committed as few crimes as women, the overall number of incidents would fall by 54%. This creates an annual saving of £42bn, which would wipe out the current public sector budget deficit three times over. However, the most masculine crimes are the most expensive. A homicide, a sexual offence and a serious wounding cost £1.4m, £31,438, and £21,422 respectively (2003 figures). The most feminine crime, theft, is the cheapest, at £844 per incident. Thus the real saving to the UK of such a change in male behaviour would be vastly greater.

As the British Medical Journal recently pointed out, this life-damaging gender difference must be challenged by addressing the culture of masculinity that sustains them. How men and women behave is socially shaped. Popular understandings of masculine characteristics play up biology. Testosterone, the male hormone, the "metaphor of manhood", is portrayed as driving men inexorably towards aggressive behaviour. Yet studies show that testosterone is related to status-seeking but not directly to aggression. Many other factors are influential. Testosterone levels are increased or diminished in both males and females by diet, activity and circumstance. The opportunity to interact with guns, for instance, appears to increase testosterone, while men's testosterone levels fall when they are involved with the care of children.

The case we are making is that certain widespread masculine traits and behaviours are dangerous and costly both to individuals and society. They are amenable to purposeful change. The culture of masculinity can be, and should be, addressed as a policy issue.

(for later reference)

British Crime Survey and police crime figures from 2009-10 show men were perpetrators in 91% of all violent incidents in England and Wales.

81% for domestic violence
86% for assault
89% criminal damage
96% for mugging
98% for robbery
98%, sexual offences
99% child rape

The highest percentages of female offences concern fraud and forgery (30%), and theft and handling stolen goods (21%).

Additionally, men are responsible for 97% of dangerous driving offences and 94% of motoring offences causing death or bodily harm.
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Re: Women’s Lives Need a Trigger Warning

Postby sam » Wed Dec 08, 2021 9:10 am

All Homicide Types by Gender, 1976-2005. From Sexual Assault of Young Children as Reported to Law Enforcement, U.S. Dept of Justice.

Eldercide: Male 85.2%, Female 14.8%.
Felony murder: Male 93.2%, Female 6.8%.
Sex related murder: Male 93.6%, Female 6.4%.
Gang related murder: Male 98.3%, Female 1.7%.
Drug related murder: Male 95.5%, Female 4.5%.
Workplace murders: Male 91.3%, Female 8.7%.
Argument murders: Male 85.6%, Female 14.4%.
Gun homicide: Male 91.3%, Female 8.7%.
Multiple victims: Male 93.5%, Female 6.5%.
Child murder: of those children killed by someone other than their parent, 81% were killed by men.
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