Echidne prostitution thread & New Zealand

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Echidne prostitution thread & New Zealand

Postby sam » Thu Oct 30, 2008 8:40 am

I just wrote this over at Echidne of the Snakes in response to some hexy nonsense and thought it could live here to be built upon.

(hexy wrote of Sweden) "sex workers are driven further underground"

Go ahead and ask me if I'm okay with whittling down prostitution such that the only prostitutes being (ab)used are being (ab)used by men with criminal underground connections.

Then, since brothels won't be as numerous or physically spread out because the drop in Regular John demand has dried up the market considerably, prostitution would be confined to a narrow slice of criminal operation instead of the streets of every city. Fewer johns, fewer prostitutes, fewer trafficking victims, and fewer physical locations would make police efforts at ending the remaining slivers of sexual slavery easier.

Drying up non-mafia-connected men's demand is a practical short term goal with far-reaching social benefits, as Sweden's successes challenging gender inequality has proven.

hexy, have you read the New Zealand Prostitution Law Review Committee report on the
Operation of the Prostitution Reform Act (“PRA”) 2003? This document has been touted as proving that New Zealand's current legal situation is working, but if you take the time to read the book-length specifics you can see both the extreme bias of the researchers and the evidence that proves their own conclusions wrong.

For instance, in the summary that is all most people will read, the report says, "Generally, brothels which had treated their workers fairly prior to the enactment of the PRA continued to do so, and those which had unfair management practices continued with them.

Let's review some other statements found within the report being referenced to defend men's right to sexually access women at will:

“The majority of sex workers felt that the law could do little about violence that occurred.” (page 14)

35% reported in 2007 that they had been coerced to prostitute with a given john in the past 12 months. (page 46)

A majority of respondents felt that decriminalization made no difference with respect to the violence of johns in prostitution – they felt that it was inevitably a part of the sex industry. (page 57)

Street prostitution in Auckland more than doubled in just one year, 2006-7. (page 118).

The Report notes that “few” sex workers, regardless of whether they were prostituting indoors or outdoors, reported any of the incidents of violence or crimes against them to the police. (page 122)

Many owners of brothels have the same exploitive contract arrangements that existed before prostitution was decriminalized. Often no written contracts or their questionable quality. (page 157)

Now, brace yourself. I want to show you something that should cause great alarm but won't because it is a lie told in the service of cunt delivery and lies shoring up the male right to cunt are not considered lies at all.

Buried deep in Section 8 are details about increases in street prostitution since the law passed:

In 2006, Auckland counted 106 street prostitutes and Christchurch 100. By 2007, Auckland counted 230 street prostitutes and Christchurch 121. See the increases? The report states, ”Auckland outreach workers also reported an ‘influx of sex workers on the streets in the six to eight months prior to June 2007.’”

The report mentions, ”Streetreach is a non-governmental organisation that provides support for street-based sex workers in Auckland and Manukau cities. Streetreach believes there has been an overall increase in the number of street-based sex workers in the Auckland region since decriminalization.”

The report also mentions, “In Christchurch, some residents in and around the street prostitution area report an increase in the number of sex workers since the passage of the PRA (St Lukes Body Corporate, 2007). Information received from other residents from the same area indicates that sex workers are now seen working during daylight hours, as well as at night (Residents of Manchester, Peterborough and Salisbury Street corners, 2007).”

Clearly, lots of people who live next to and work directly with street populations have reported increased street prostitution in New Zealand.

So what conclusion does the New Zealand Prostitutes’ Collective draw from this and more evidence in their own fucking report that I left out for brevity’s sake?

“The numbers of street-based sex workers have remained stable since the enactment of the PRA, with comparable numbers on the streets to estimates done prior to decriminalization. The Committee endorses the findings of the CSOM that the enactment of the PRA has had little impact on the numbers of people working in the sex industry.”

Do you see that? Do you see what they did?

My favorite bit of pimp-cocksuckery can be found in the summary where the damning evidence of Christchurch’s street prostitution increase in 2007 is ignored in favor of pre-2006 numbers, “A comparison between the number of sex workers in Christchurch in 1999 and 2006 shows that the total has stayed approximately the same over that period.”

They had numbers for Christchurch in 2007. In 2006, Christchurch had 100 sex workers and by 2007 Christchurch had 121 sex workers. But the numbers didn’t support the sex industry agenda so they were intentionally omitted. Few people care enough to do more than just skim these reports for what suits their purposes, but as a member of the anti cunt-delivery camp I have learned to look beyond press releases for unconsidered evidence.
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Re: Echidne prostitution thread & New Zealand

Postby pisaquari » Thu Oct 30, 2008 11:39 am

Dayamn sam!

Yeah I'm really confused by the persistent mentality that legalization will bring the *problems* forward. It's become so commonplace in feminist discussions--re: we must keep the industry so the few women who like it can keep going.
It's like, you know damn well this "industry" is loaded with rapists and everyone is supposed to be wringing their fem creds around the fact you like the sex? Errrrm? Get a new job and have sex anyway. Really--whose gonna die if they can't fuck for money? vs
Whose gonna die if they can't NOT fuck for money?

make sense.........?
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Re: Echidne prostitution thread & New Zealand

Postby annared » Thu Oct 30, 2008 12:31 pm

If prostitution goes so far underground that specially trained vice-squad cannot find it how the hell is John Bloggs gonna fare?

And yeah, Julie Bindel's quote in my footer says it all for me...
" is the very act of women's bodies being bought and sold by men that sustains the subordinate position of women and children on a global scale". Julie Bindel ________________
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